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Christian Life Coaching - Beloved Is She - Encouraging women in their life Top

Hey Friend!

Life was meant to be walked Together!

looking for that supportive partner to journey with? Christian Life Coaching may be just what you’re looking for!
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1:1 Christian Life Coaching

For overwhelmed wives and moms needing more peace in their day and confidence in who they are.

Showing up well for those you care about starts with showing up daily for Jesus.

I get the overwhelm. Juggling whiny kids, a messy house, a husband with needs, constant appointments, cooking, shopping… you name it. How can you possibly find the time for impactful connection with God when it feels like it’s your job to keep the world spinning?

I know that you can look at other women and feel like you are not good enough. I know that when you and your husband don’t see eye to eye, you can feel unworthy of love. I know that you work so hard, but you can feel completely burnt out by the end of your day, wanting space to not be touched or called on, to catch your breath and prepare yourself for starting all the craziness over again tomorrow.

I want you to know that you are not failing.

Friend, I’m here to support you in this and tell you that you are not alone. This season is challenging and navigating it in a way that allows you to have moments of peace and feel confident that you are showing up the way God has called you to is the ultimate goal.

Together, through the coaching relationship, we can bring you the confidence you desire to step out each day in your roles and serve those you care about that allows for quality time to be restored and feel whole through the presence of God.

So let’s talk truth.

You, my friend, are beloved.

It’s so easy to look for affirmation in others for your self-worth, but unlike others, God’s love for you is unconditional and your worth is affirmed through the blood of Jesus on the cross. And what greater testament of love is there than this?

Stepping out each day secure in this truth is my hope for you here. Knowing your worth in Christ and being the woman that God has called you to be will bring you the confidence to show up well for those you love. (Now that’s exciting! 🤗🎉)

Because of your heart to serve the people you love, you are excited to…

Grow deeper with God and implement powerful scripture-based truth to walk each day confidently with Christ at the center.

So you can experience:

Less self-doubt

Less overwhelm & burnout

Less depression & anxiety

Less fear of judgement

Less relational disconnect

More confidence & purpose

More intentionality & peace

More intimacy with God

More knowledge of Scripture

More quality time with loved ones

Where do you need support?

I walk with women in all stages of their journey and help support them in areas such as…


Break free from insecurity, fear and worthlessness by confronting lies and gaining a deep understanding of who you are in Christ.


Overcome burnout, overwhelm and discontentment by getting clarity, direction and accountability in where God is calling you to go in your journey.


Relieve distrust, loneliness, emptiness and misunderstanding in relationships by finding comfort in the Lord and connect in ways that matter most.

Daily Living

Release worry, burdens, heartache and affliction by prioritizing your values, digging deep into the Word and leaning into God to sustain you.

Life was meant to be walked together.

Through the partnership of coaching, I’m here to journey with you through all obstacles and feelings that may arise and I believe that God wants to use your life as a powerful story of His goodness.

Coaching is an opportunity to reflect more of Jesus in your life.

I will support that by:

Giving you a safe space to empty out all that is on your heart in a judgement-free and loving environment.

Asking questions that allow you to seek truth and let God transform your heart and life.

Praying with and for you not only during the sessions but in my own prayer time with God.

Encouraging you as you make realizations, lean into God’s direction, and take transformational steps forward.

want to know more?

frequently asked questions

You may be feeling a bit lost in where you are in this season of your journey and unsure of your purpose for where God is calling you to make an impact in the world around you.

Maybe God has given you a beautiful picture of what you future could look like, but you’re unsure of the steps to take in how to get there. You want meaning in your life, confidence in who you are, and a more intimate relationship with the Lord but overwhelm comes and your days get away from you.

If this sounds like you, then welcome, my friend!

Coaching will be a great way for you to be supported in all that the Lord has placed on your heart. Together we will prioritize what matters most in your life and bring you more of God’s goodness that He promises for you as you journey with Him.

As a Christian coach, it is my joy to be able to give you a safe space to empty out. To reflect Jesus by allowing you to share all that is on your heart in a judgement-free and loving environment.

Together, through prayer, reading the word and listening to God’s voice, we will seek His will for your life.

By being a follower of Christ, I know that the Holy Spirit is at work in you! Through asking powerful questions and seeking new perspectives, you will be empowered to sense where the Holy Spirit is calling you to grow and have an awareness of the transformation that is at work in you.

Great question!

Counselling is the process of looking backwards into the past to heal traumas and get you to an inward healthier present state.

Coaching is future focused by getting a clear perspective of where you are and implementing action steps to get you moving forward.

I’m SO grateful you’re here!

I’m Elizabeth Hoffmann, a professional Certified Christian Coach and founder of Beloved Is She – a space for women to be affirmed in their Christ centered identity.

Just like you, I have experienced insecurities, doubt, feelings of being lost and questioning whether I have a purpose. My hope was found when I turned my eyes completely onto Jesus and allowed His truths to lead my life.

This is my hope for you here. That you will feel encouraged in your walk with the Lord and have a yearning to seek more of Christ and root yourself completely in Him.

No worries!

I LOVE to chat, so I want to offer you an opportunity to have all your questions answers and to be sure that coaching is right for you.

You can book a complimentary Discovery Session with me where I can help clarify anything for you about the coaching process and what our journey together will look like.

step out in faith

book a discovery session

Let’s get you from where you are to where God wants you to be